Thursday, July 28, 2016

Best Gift For 13-18 Year Old Boy - Chromebook

Looking for a personal computer for your teen but don't want to shell out $400 or more? A chromebook may be your best option
toshiba chromebook
What is a chromebook? A chromebook is essentially a laptop that can only run internal and internet based programs. Think a smartphone but much stronger. Because most of the programs ran by the chromebook are hosted through the internet, these computers operate faster than a standard laptop. My personal chromebook can boot up in 2 seconds. Many people have been hesitant to buy a chromebook because no one has actually described to them the differences and benefits compared to a regular laptop. However, when the traits of these devices are discussed, many parents agree that getting one of these is the perfect gift for a teenager.

 Let start with the biggest drawback of a chromebook, that may actually be a good thing for parents. They cannot run Windows programs, meaning you can not install software that isn't offered in the google store. This makes the chromebook unusable for someone who needs to install software for work or school but also adds a level of security as a parent. You won't have to worry about your child installing a malicious software that can compromise their personal information. Also, although malicious websites are still a threat, the google store offers free high level security programs to prevent infections.

The cost of chromebooks has actually gone down in recent years. The cheapest will run for $150 and the most expensive ones can exceed $500. The Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook is one of the best chromebooks available and the one I use personally. It is lightweight but extremely powerful and can complete any task I throw at it. I actually transitioned to using this computer over my standard laptop, due to its fast speed at loading websites.


If you are looking for the best computer gift for a teenager, I seriously recommend a chromebook, available through and other retailers.