Sunday, July 24, 2016

Top 5 Amazing Educational Toys For Boys 2016

1. Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313

lego mindstorm

The Lego Mindstorm is an amazingly exceptional, educational toy for boys. Simply put it is a robot that can be constructed into various forms and programmed to learn different things. The purpose of the Lego Mindstom robot is to help kids and teens develop their programming skills in a fun and interactive way. Very few programming kits offer the quality robot that comes with the Lego Mindstorm let alone the diverse capabilities. 

lego mindstorm info

2. Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Discovery Kit

snap circuit extreme

When looking for the best educational gifts for boys, Snap Circuit is definitely one of the first places you should start. The Extreme Electronics Discovery Kit is an amazing kit that allows you kid to create their own unique projects and discovering, hand-on, how to work with electronics. Within the kit is step-by-step details on how to create many things such as: sound activated switch, lie detector, adjustable light controller, am radio, rechargeable battery and more. If you have a kid interested in science and electronics, this is certainly the best toy to get.

3. Ozobot 2.0 Bit Educational Toy Robot

ozobot educational toy robot
The Ozobot is a neat little robot that is able to be fully programmed by your child to do many different functions, such as, dance, spin, run, and more. This is a great beginner's toy to help grow programming skills. The toy is controlled by a downloadable app and the website features several fun apps to run with the toy. The Ozobot is really useful in encouraging your child to create, play, and solve problems using their coding ability. The toy is already used in several classrooms worldwide. 

4. Robolink 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit - Education Starter Robotics Kit

robolink 11 in 1 programmable robot kit
If you are looking for affordable educational toys for boys that will keep your child engaged for hours, the Robolink Programmable Robot Kit is one of your best choices. The Robolink is perfect for teaching robotics, programming, and electronics. The toy is made with safety in mind, so the wiring does not require any soldering. You child can develop their skills while learning to change and program this robot into it's 11 different forms. In addition, the robot kit also comes with an instruction manual and several tutorials to help get started.

5. MudWatt - Clean Energy From Mud - Grow your own living fuel cell

mudwatt living fuel cell biology kit
Remember the old days of creating electricity with a potato? While things have gotten much more interesting with the MudWatt. The MudWatt is an interactive learning kit that encourages your kids to explore the natural world and learn about the potentials of natural energy. The MudWatt allows you to track the growth of bacteria and use them to power a small led light. In addition, it encourages you to experiment with different items to see how they effect the progress of the experiment. The educational toy comes with a complete app for tracking progress and also teaches more about microbes and electricity. This is a great and unique gift for any child interested in biology.